Monday, April 25, 2011

The Easter Bunny brought a cake!

A couple of months ago, my mom and I decided we were going to take up cake decorating.  It is a ton of fun to make a cake, but it is also a TON of work!  We have always baked, but we just started using fondant.  I guess we decided we could decorate after watching too many episodes of Cake Boss! (If you have never seen Cake Boss, watch it!  The cakes are incredible!)  Today, I am exhausted after my weekend of cake making!  But it was totally worth it!  If you want to start decorating, make sure you prepare ahead of time!  You don't want to start baking and realize that you need more butter or eggs. 

We brought the cake over last night to Easter dinner with my family, and everybody was asking me how we made it.  Luckily, I did tried to document the cake production by taking lots of pictures. 

Day 1: Make icings.  We had 3 different types of icings: a buttercream, chocolate buttercream and cream cheese icing. 

Day 2: Make fondant.  You can buy fondant that is already made, but we made our own. 

Day 3: Step 1: Make cakes. We had a two tier cake, butter cake on bottom and red velvet on top.  The butter cake had 4 layers and the red velvet had 2 layers.  After the cakes were made, they went in the freezer.  Step 2:  Frost the cakes:

Step 3: Place fondant on the cake... the hardest part!!!  Fondant sticks while you roll it out, so it is really easy to mess this part up and rip the fondant.  After we got the fondant on, we called it a night, at 1:30 am, and finished before leaving for dinner on Easter. 

Day 4: Decorate!!!!  The fun part!  We used fondant to decorate the cake with fun Easter shapes.  In order to get the fondant shapes, we used royal icing as a glue. 
Almost finished!!!! 

The final bit of decorating was to make grass with buttercream icing, and put candy eggs made with an almond paste on top of the cake.  

And after 4 long, hard days of work, we finally had our cake!

I hope everybody had a great Easter!!!!!!!